Exen Token fuels the Bitexen economy on
Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20 Token.

EXEN Coin Whitepaper


EXEN transactions are settled within a few seconds and could be transferred to all platforms, wallets supporting ERC-20.


EXEN transactions can be seen on any Ethereum block explorer. All transactions are recorded on blockchain.


EXEN provides privileges and fee deduction on trading Bitexen.com.


Exen Token enabled many people to experience digital assets for the first time and provided priviliges for traders.

Token Economy

5 million Exen Token has been distributed to registered users for free. Over 9 million Exen Tokens used for competitions and campaigns.

Exen Coin is %100 percent transparent and reliable. Each Exen Coin of 15 millions can be tracked on Ethereum Blockchain. Click here to see Exen Coin transactions.


50% of the transaction income of Bitexen.com is used to buyback & burn EXEN.

Token Burn

Tokens purchased with buyback programme is removed from circulating supply.

Exen Token burn history:

26.01.2021 167.084,00 EXEN
24.12.2020 131.918,61 EXEN
24.11.2020 93.063,13 EXEN
21.10.2020 59.702,17 EXEN
24.09.2020 45.632,88 EXEN
24.08.2020 44.391,92 EXEN
TOTAL 1,162,774.93 EXEN

Click to see all the history

Free Rebate

Exen Token holders can enjoy the privilige of fee rebates on Bitexen.

Users who;

  • Holds 10 Exen or more receives 10% fee rebase weekly,
  • Holds 20 Exen or more receives 20% fee rebase weekly,
  • Holds 30 Exen or more receives 30% fee rebase weekly,
  • Holds 40 Exen or more receives 40% fee rebase weekly,
  • Holds 50 Exen or more receives 50% fee rebase weekly,

on Bitexen.com

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